Singletrack Forum post worth reading

Ok, so I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of forums in general. Personally I find they take up too much of your time if you read them regularly, they often have the same moans, groans & comments, it’s only the people commenting that vary (sometimes!). That said a quick dip into them now again is good for insight into certain topics or equipment, there is the odd very interesting and thought provoking post and every once in a while you get a post that just makes you smile, feel good and think maybe reading the forum wasn’t so bad after all! Humour, fun and good old fashioned positivity is often neglected when a good winge can be made so when I saw a link on twitter from Singletrack to their own forum which, if I’m to be honest is one of only 3 forums I’ll generally entertain from time to time, I clicked the link with trepidation!

I should have had more faith, Singletrackworld often have good posts and the forum has a hardcore following. I’ve been on a couple of bike rides with some of the forum members and it’s a good group of people who enjoy their riding year round.

So back to the topic … if you simply like to get out on your bike and love a random cycle then check out the post. There’s nothing about being the fastest, the fittest, having the best bike or the latest gear … it’s back to basics, what your bike should be about and it’s a fun read that will make you feel good & restore your faith in forums and the human race!



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