Five Ten Dirtbag Low – a new breed of Freeride style

Five Ten Dirtbag Low Gull Grey

Five Ten Dirtbag Low 2013 Gull Grey

Five Ten Dirtbag Low 2013 Mudd Moss

Five Ten Dirtbag Low 2013 Mudd Moss from Ae7








Five Ten Dirtbag Lows have been revamped this year and a couple of new colours have been added to this stylish range of Street Smart Freeride shoes. Aimed at the Dirt/Park/Street riders as well as skateboarders, the Dirtbags are super comfortable to wear yet they pack performance in part due to the grippy Stealth Phantom sole. Designed to be non marking and mixed with a comfortable and durable split leather upper these shoes look the part and just feel great.

Rob from Ae7 is a fan of the Dirtbag and had this to say, “I’ve been wearing a pair of Dirtbag Lace-Ups for the last 8 months or so and will be swapping these out for a new pair of the lower cut version. They are like slippers on your feet and when you jump on your bike for a blast you know you’re going to stick to the pedals. They are also a great shoe just to walk about in and wear day to day”.

This years Dirtbag Low shoes come in a cool Mud Moss colour, a slick Gull Grey and Saddle Brown. Ae7 have stock of both the Mud Moss & the Gull Grey styles.

Rob added “If there’s enough demand we might get the Saddle Brown in stock as well”.

According to the younger, more fashion conscious members of the Ae7 team, these are ticking the fashion box with the varsity style … whatever that means?!


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