Five Ten boldly go where no one else has been before with the VXi.


Five Ten Freerider VXi … a new way to stick to your pedals.

Five Ten are pretty much the market leader when it comes to shoes that grip. Built off the back of their climbing shoe success, the Mountain Bike Shoe market has been a easy transition for the North American outfit. Always looking to improve and lead the way with innovtive products this year Five Ten have gone to a new level in sole design with the Stealth Contact Outsole on the Freerider VXi MTB Shoe. The biggest feature is clearly the smooth treadless area under the ball of your foot which give you better contact with your pedals. They have also slimmed this model down compared a lot of their other shoes, so combined with a fairly stiff leather upper, you have a shoe that is more responsive to movement. They have beefed up the protective element of the shoe as well so it should last the pace of even the most knarly roders out there. Mesh areas keep it breathable so you can pin it without getting too sweaty. The Freerider VXi isn’t overly stiff so it’s still comfortable enough for weekend riders to wear at the trail centres yet they will perform for hardcore downhillers and Five Ten have aimed the shoe at a broad market.

Here at Ae7 we took stock of the Charcoal/Grey so it will be interesting to see how riders get on with this new design. The shoe looks great and is still pretty light so we reckon it will be a good seller this season.


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