Ae7 Milan to Glasgow Road Trip

Ae7 Milan to Glasgow Road Trip

Milan to Glasgow Road Trip

How it all began!

OK so it started with Louise saying she wanted to go away somewhere warm in the summer. I liked the idea of heat and I also wanted to get some pedal time in so I plied her with a few wines and before you knew it we were off on a cycling holiday, happy days! Now the next issue was time, I’d been putting so much of that into taking the business forward online and I knew that the middle of summer is the busiest time of the year so I couldn’t really justify taking more than a week out. A few more wines solved that problem!

We’d already talked about doing a long distance cycle but as usual I wanted something a bit different. If we could turn this into a bit of a Ae7 marketing slant, working at nights and have everything running smoothly on the distribution side in the warehouse back here in Scotland then a few weeks might be do able! “Ok, lets think this through” I started, “Let’s fly somewhere and cycle back home”. Let’s say we have 3 weeks, average 100 miles a day, day either side for travelling, couple of rest days, days we won’t be able to maybe get the full 100 in. Right, let’s aim for somewhere that’s around 1500 miles from home in Glasgow … map out … bang … Milan it is!

Football, fashion, sunshine … it’s not a bad place to start a journey from! Keeping Louise away from the shops is probably the biggest challenge awaiting us in Milan, they do sell shoes there after all. Since 1907 it’s also hosted the start of the world’s longest one day professional road race from Milan to San Remo (298km). The legendary Eddy Merckx has won it 7 times and Mark Cavendish took first place in 2009.

According to Google Maps the distance from Milan to Glasgow is 1,957km by road so by the time we take in our detours avoiding the main roads and motorways we’re certain to take in well over 2000km as we trundle back to the capital of sunshine otherwise known as Glasgow.

So the distance is a bit of challenge in itself but there are a few other obstacles to overcome on this little adventure. Firstly, Louise has never ridden a road bike, unless her silver painted Budgie qualifies as a road bike? I’m a mountain biker and I’ve not been on a road bike for about 22 years myself . I haven’t done any proper road cycling since I retired my £8 second hand bike (back when they were known as racers!) which my Dad bought for me in Glasgow’s famous Barras market when I was about 11. Add that we’ve got to keep on top of the business, so night times will be spent recuperating the body whilst the laptop works to make sure things are running smoothly back home. We’ll have to blog the trip to justify it as a marketing trip! On top of that we also want as much as possible to only use products we sell on the website and we’ll also be able to give real time product reviews about how we find them.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the general idea behind the Ae7 Milan to Glasgow road trip. Simple really … I suppose we really should get out on the bikes for some serious training, after all, the trip is only about 6 weeks away. Sorry Louise did I not mention it was so soon?

Written by Rob Gray


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