Crossing the Alps with Bawbags!

Crossing the Alps with Bawbags!

What can we say about Bawbags? It’s a great name for a start, a great bunch of guys that run it and a great product. We have to thank the guys at Bawbags first of all as they supplied us with a couple of t shirts and 3 pairs of Bawbags Boxers & Bawbags for Birds for the Ae7 Milan to Glasgow Road Trip. I also bought myself a Bawbags Wizard Sleeve from stock and that decision was inspired.

Bawbags for Birds!

Bawbags for Birds!

Now, I already own a couple of pairs of Bawbags boxers, however on this trip for the first time I tried out the Cool De Sacs boxers which came in the Mod and the Jack styles. The standard cotton Bawbags are very comfortable to wear and the Day of the Dead design have been great to slip on at night after a day in the saddle. The Cool De Sacs on the other hand come into their own. We have at the time of writing cycled for 800km’s and worn these every day (not the same pair obviously!). The name really does do them justice having tested them in 35+ degree heat they do keep your sacs cool! They are soft next to your skin, hold their shape, don’t bunch up as you’re riding and they stay in position. Despite the heat and the constant cycling, including a crossing of the Alps, Bawbags Cool De Sacs have proved to be reliable and perform way above our expectations. Moisture really does get wicked away from your skin as you sweat.

Louise has been wearing the Bawbags for Birds with the same result. Hers look a lot cuter than mine though!

Bawbags Wizard Sleeve

Bawbags Wizard Sleeve

The Wizard Sleeve has been a constant companion of mine. I’ve never worn any kind of neck scarf/tube before and it was a last minute decision to grab one. It was a genius move! The Wizard Sleeve in Mod style has kept the back of neck warm from the cool Alpine breezes and it’s kept the sun off me for the rest of the time. If you’ve owned something like this before you’re probably reading this thinking “what took you so long to realise how good these are?”. I am a convert now! I absolutely love it. It’s kept me warm, cool, mopped up the sweat, been used as a hat, a wristband and pretty much every other conceivable concoction.

So a very big thank you to the guys at Bawbags for making kit that works and bringing a smile to everyones face with the names and designs of the gear they make!

Bawbags on Ae7


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