The Amatuer Cyclist – About Me

Hi, welcome to my first blog in a series called “The Amatuer Cyclist”.

Gary & his girlfriend Layla

Gary & his girlfriend Layla

I’m Gary your everyday common cyclist, preparing to embark on a journey into competitive cycling. Im going to use this blog to document the path I take along the way, this may include:

Equipment, training methods, routes, cycling clubs, nutrition, books, races, repairs and much much more.

I hope this blog will show what is possible with a bit of hard work but also that competitive cycling is easily accessible for anyone no matter what level you’re at. I’m not going to hide anything, the pain & gain, the tears and personal triumphs will all be shared.

I currently use my bike for leisure, fun & commuting to work, which is usually around the 15-20 miles each day (nothing massive). This means I have a long long way to go on my journey to achieve my goal of being a competitive cyclist. I just happen to work for Ae7 Bikes, the online bike store, which gives me an inside view of the cycling industry. It also makes getting equipment that big bit easier although I’ve found being surrounded by bikes and bike bits means I only want more than I probably need!

This weekend I will be visiting the Clydebank based Lomond Roads Cycling Club and joining them on a club ride. This will be the first club ride I taken part in and I’m really looking forward to it.

KTM Strada 800

KTM Strada 800

I currently ride a KTM Strada 800 and this has definitely been the best cycling investment I have made! It is bullet proof, handles well (I’m doing my best not to use the word love on an object) and my adoration of the bike has got my closest and dearest worrying about me. Clothing wise, I’m currently using Endura gear. I highly rate the FS260 clothing range and wear this 90% of the time I’m riding.

I just put together a 48 week training plan which will hopefully prepare me for a couple of events next spring/summer. On my next blog I will document this in more detail and discuss the different forms of training methods practices I will be using to improve my fitness, speed and all round ability on a bike.

For the time being though I’m simply your average cyclist with a little ambition, hope you will follow my adventure towards glory – watch out Mr Froome!

Written by Gary ParsonsAe7


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