Endura v Bawbags Neck Off!

Bawbags v Endura

Bawbags v Endura

We were having a debate in the Ae7 Cycling Protection Warehouse over who makes the best neckwear piece. In fact what do you call them? Neckwear, buffs, sleeves, multitubes??

The debate over the name is at the same stage as the debate over which is best. I’m a fan of Bawbags, Gary can’t see past Endura (it’s the roadie in him).

To be honest both are pretty similar, the Bawbags wizard sleeve feels slightly thicker, Gary says the Endura multisleeve is more streamlined (whatever that means!). They are both the same length, width & price so at the end of the day it really comes down to style choice. The wizard sleeves come in the original MOD as well as the new Day of the Dead & Jack styles. Ae7 will be getting some of these in soon. The multitubes come in 6 different colour schemes: Arctic Camo, Anthracite Tonal, B&W, Zipzag, Blue Paisley, Black Camo & Red Paisley.

Lots of choices and we’ll have them all in stock here at Ae7 as soon as they become available!

So, seeing as I’m writing this, I get the final vote and Bawbags win … sorry Gary!


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