Five Ten Elements Keeping Your Feet Dry

Five Ten Elements Shoe in Black

Five Ten Elements Shoe in Black

Five Ten have always given us some pretty special footwear to use on our bikes. If I was to be picky and find anything negative about them, I could only say there are the odd days when I wish they held out the water. You know the days (maybe it’s just us here in the UK?)  when the heavens open and the rain starts to hit us. If we’re out for a quick ride, say an hour or two, then it’s not really a drama. If we’re out for longer and especially if the temperature dips, then suddenly having cold & wet feet starts to eat into the enjoyment of our ride.

This year Five Ten played the ace card with the Freerider Elements Shoe. They essentially took the popular Freerider shoe, gave the uppers some DWR treatment and bang … the water resistant Freerider Elements mountain bike shoe was born. No shoe is really waterproof, big puddles and open bits where you place your feet make sure of that!  The Elements shoe is weatherproof though, beading the worst of the water away when you ride and thanks to foam insulation inners your feet stay warmer than they normally would. The PUR foam, as Five Ten call it, also wicks away moisture so you can wear them the rest of the year round when it’s not wet & cold. The Elements have the classic Stealth Rubber sole so your feet still to the pedals like no other shoe.

All in all we’re very happy with the design and would like to thank Five Ten for creating a shoe we can wear in Scotland … surely they must have been thinking about us when they designed the Elements!



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