Bawbags prove their worth in Iceland!

Bawbags Baw Baw Beanie

4 Bawbags wearing Baw Baw Beanies

Ok, so we heard the Bawbags Baw Baw Beanie was pretty good at keeping your head warm so we thought we’d test that shout out somewhere extreme. Where better than Iceland! Land of Ice, Vikings and Bjork. If a Baw Baw Beanie kept you warm there then it would work anywhere … even in Scotland!

So we took a blue, purple, green & black Baw Baw Beanie out to the frozen lands and wore them non stop for 4 days.

The official results: Bawbags Baw Baw Beanies work! They keep your head warm, even in Iceland. We found no variation in temperature, although the purple one did get cooler than the blue when the wind blew hard (maybe that was something to do with the test dummy forgetting to wear gloves during the harsh test conditions). Even inside a warm cafe in Reykjavik the Baw Baw Beanie was comfortable to wear.

The end.

Thanks to Louise, Niall & Joanne for volunteering to help out with this extreme and scientifically driven test …

Ae7 have a great range of Bawbags clothing!


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