Sweat, Kettles and Girlfriend Attacks in Turbo Training Land!

Getting on the Turbo Trainer.

Getting on the Turbo Trainer.

2014 for me was all about serious training. I wanted to be bike fit, fitter than I’d ever been. I had big plans and even invested in a turbo trainer so that no matter what the Scottish winter brought outside, I could still power my way through the training sessions to be at the top of my game. That was the plan anyway!

The winter part of the great fitness regime was not really going according to that plan. Illness and a few bike related problems had held me back a lot!

Moving on though! January is the start of my super structured training plan. The long slow and painful rides are here and I’ll be keeping you up to date with my self inflicted pain. For those of you interested in the sciences and nitty gritty details I will publish those on my next blog.

This week I began the indoor training sessions with an epic 3 hour stint on my new Minoura B60-D turbo trainer. It was my first time training indoors on a bike and I paid for it! Not taking into consideration how warm the room would become I left the heating on. Within an hour I was dying. My jersey was sticking to me, every pedal stroke dripped sweat on to my bike frame. Half an hour later I was forced to go and refill a water bottle and I even brought in a kettle full of water to refill the water bottle. Towards the end of the ride my girlfriend arrived home. I don’t think she will ever get the image out of her head. A grown man, riding a bike indoors, drinking from a kettle, covered in sweat. Not only was she ashamed she had ever met me, she proceeded to attack me and the house with air freshener!

None the less my pride remained intact and 3 hours & countless litres of water later I stopped spinning the pedals as I crossed the line I’d never left in victory!

Time for an ice bath, food and more water, all at once!

The best thing about a turbo trainer? No Punctures!



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