Pro Cyclist Flattened by Flying Mattress

Ok, so there’s been the jumps you haven’t hit quite right, there’s the corners that are loose and throw you, there’s the holes in the road, there’s traffic that cuts you up but Danish pro cyclist Matti Breschel gets the prize the most bizarre crash of the year … he was flattened by a flying matress!!

Flying Mattress hits Cyclist

Flying Mattress hits Cyclist

The flying Dane who rides for Team Tinkoff-Saxo was riding back to his hotel (report from Cycling News) when suddenly a mattress appeared from no where and landed in front of him. He was travelling downhill at 70kph when the mattress stopped his bike and launched him onto the tarmac. Luckily for the rider he wasn’t seriously injured and he escaped with cuts and grazes to various parts of his body.

It is unknown at this time whether the mattress was sprung or made from memory foam. There are no further reports on the damage to the mattress. We think the bike is ok and did not suffer much.

Matti Breschel after freak accident

Matti Breschel after freak accident



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