The New Website is Live!!

Ae7 Homepage

Ae7 Homepage

We’ve not been quite as active as we should have been recently & with good reason. We’ve been busy behind the scenes building a new website which is now live. We wanted to freshen things up and to make more user friendly. We’ve added features like currency conversions for customers outside the UK, the search tab is pretty cool (if we do say so ourselves – try it) and it’s simpler all round now for you to buy anything.

We still have all the great features of the old website & we’re using the best technology so that the website is secure to use and everything should be easier to find. We’re working in a smarter, better way with many of our suppliers so you get better deals and a greater choice of products.

We now have a shop integrated to Facebook (look for the Shop tab in the main Facebook page menu).

All in all we’re pretty pleased with the look & feel of the website. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, products to add & descriptions to finish off, however, we figured it’s better to get it live now.

Take a look and let us know what you think. Leave any comments below or on Facebook, we will read them!




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