Let the Mountain Bike World Cup Begin

The 2014 UCI MTB World Cup Season launches next month, with South Africa hosting the first round. The best downhill & cross country riders in the world will commence the battle to win mountain bikings biggest competition in Pietermaritzburg. The World Cup is a well travelled circuit and this year the rounds will be held as far apart as South Africa, Australia, Canada and the USA as well as France, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and the UK.

Fort William in Scotland will host the 3rd round on the weekend of 7th & 8th June and it’s sure to be another noisy and crowded affair in the highlands!

The World Championships will be held in Hafjell in Noway in September.


The Most Scenic Dirt Park in the World?

Ok, so you know the old “let’s build a jump” scenario. You may have access to a lot of dirt so you think “let’s build a load of jumps”. The lads at Antimedia films based in Oslo really went to town though when they got a bunch of riders together in Lofoton in Norway. They built some knarly kickers and produced a beautiul little edit. With the help of a drone and some cool cable cams they produced a film that has to be in with a shout for the most stunning location ever award!

This is 9 minutes of awesomeness!


Extreme Electric Bike Fun

Electric bikes might not pop into your head when we mention extreme biking. These guys however have brought out a crazy ass video of an OSET electric trials bike in action. It’s worth 5 minutes of your day … you’ll be impressed with what these little bikes can do. OSET Bikes is a company set up by Ian Smith after he built a prototype electric trials bike for his son. Check out the video!